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Mortgage Free Faster

How to become Mortgage Free Faster

How to become Mortgage Free Faster Regardless of how long you’ve had your mortgage or how large or small the current balance is, there are a variety of ways to make prepayments work for you to pay down your mortgage faster and pay less interest throughout the life of your…

Second Mortgage

Is a Second Mortgage right for you?

A second mortgage is an additional loan taken out on a property that is already mortgaged. This is always more risk for the lender and as such, the interest rates are much higher than traditional mortgages. If the borrower ever defaults on their payments and the property taken into possession,…

Business For Self Mortgage Program

Business for Self Mortgages

Being self employed should not be a barrier to getting a mortgage, but with mortgage rules being tightened at banks in the last few years, getting a mortgage is a lot harder.  One of the great advantages is that being a business owner is that you can use accounting practices…