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No Income Verification

Getting a mortgage can be hard, we make it easyNo Income Verification Mortgage

Business of Self and No Income Verification mortgages are becoming popular choices for mortgages. They provide the opportunity for a borrower with a good credit score, to purchase a mortgage without verification of income. It is important to note that these loans are higher risk! As a result, some lenders have removed No Income Verification loans as mortgage solutions.

Who Qualifies for a Stated Loan?

Typically, these loans are only available to the self-employed borrower and require a significant down payment (25% or more). Additionally, the credit score of the borrower must be good otherwise you may pay even higher rates.

Tips for Getting a No Income Verification Mortgage

  • Your declared income must be reasonable in comparison to the mortgage size you want
  • You may be asked for a Notice of Assessment to prove you as proof that no income taxes owed
  • Make sure your credit is as good as it can be, talk to our mortgage advisers to do a credit analysis 3 – 6 months before you need that mortgage to help repair your credit score
  • Speak to a mortgage socialist to explore the option of a traditional mortgage* 1st and 2nd mortgages for any purpose.


  • NO credit or beacon score requirements.
  • NO debt servicing requirements.
  • NO income verification required in virtually all cases
  • BFS and Stated Income with no tax returns or NOA’s
  • Virtually all forms of residential real estate considered
  • Flexible payment terms – interest only, prepaid and interest accrual options
  • Urban centers and Semi-Rural / Small Town properties considered
  • We can deal with Bankruptcies, Collections, and Judgments – even Foreclosures!

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Getting a mortgage can be hard We make it easy!®

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