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Syndicated Mortgages

Syndicated Mortgage

Syndicated Mortgage Features

  • There are no shares or units that change or fluctuate in value, as they can in other investments like mutual funds, segregated funds, stocks, etc.
  • This allows the funding to move as one, but each individual investor’s position is duly noted and protected.
  • Every investor has the full face amount of their principal investment registered in their favour at the Provincial Land Registry Office with a charge on the land providing their collateral.
  • The Fortress Real Capital syndicated mortgage product we wholesale focuses on financing large residential projects with well-established and successful developers.
Clients have the ability to choose which project to invest in, whether it’s in the community next door, or outside their home province.
Over 90% of investors decide to re-invest with us after their initial term.
What is a Syndicated Mortgage

8% Fixed Interest, with Principal Secured

The fortress real capital investment product provides developers with the capital they need to commence large building projects. This area of investment was formerly only available to large investors or financial institutions, Recent changes to market conditions and mortgage legislation now mean that retail customers can now participate in this lucrative area of project financing.

Clients benefit from a high rate of return that is fixed within the investment contract, and also provides for additional growth potential based on the success of each project. Regardless of project there is always a physical site where your clients can see their investment dollars at work.


If you’re looking for a good investment vehicle with a proven track record of earning 8% a year plus bonus payouts, consider investing in a Syndicated Mortgage.  Fixed term Investments with great returns.


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